Sunday, December 26, 2010

Sunday 12/26/10

The Sunday after Christmas is the Sabbath where we all parade around in our new finery waiting for compliments from our friends. And we pose, with our hands on our hips, like Rebekah. The wrap dress was one of the great inventions of the "modern" era and Rebekah's picture demonstrates why. That print is so money, seriously y'all. 

I simply adore cardigans that are appliqu├ęd. A gray on gray color palette keeps this sweater looking sophisticated, not crafty (crazy hippies). Cheers Alice, enjoy that bread.

I want this print. This flower graphic is my new best friend. Better watch your back Hadley. :)

Love Abbs

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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Wish List

Every year I am instructed to make a Christmas list by my Mother so she can purchase me gifts that will meet my approval. I always very obligingly produce one for her perusal but what’s on that list is none of your business. Because however I love and care deeply about all y’all I have complied my Completely preposterous no way am I ever getting any of these as Christmas gifts but I really would like them list. Otherwise known as the “Santa Baby Wish List”. You’re Welcome.

The Betsey Johnson Bows and Ruffles Purse. Supple red leather, chrome detailing, metal studs, all tied together with a giant bow. Retails for $368.00 at

Kotur clutch. Satin wrapped petite box clutch with crystal jeweled flower embellishment this unforgettable going out clutch. Retails for $449.00 at

Burberry Scarf: Wool Checked Burberry Scarf in a lovely purple raspberry color. Retails for around $275.00 at

Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb Perfume. Unbelievably delicious smelling, with undercurrents of blackberry. Retails for $105.00 at Nordstrom. 

Pierre Hardy NY Skyscraper Shoes: I have no words to describe the beauty of the gleaming bars of metal that surround the ankle on this shoe. I also have no idea how much these shoes cost but Hardy's shoes run anywhere from $400.00 to well into the $1000.00's.

Tiffany Keys Kaleidescope Key Pendant: Finally the Tiffany necklace, diamond and platinums, beautiful beautiful beautiful. Retails for $15,000.00 with the diamond and platinum chain on

With hope in my heart and fingers crossed, Abbs

Twitter: @RccFashion