Sunday, November 28, 2010

Sunday 11/28/10

So I was taking this picture of Rebekah, who looked super duper incredibly cute.

The silver, the polka dots, the belt, the cute flippy black skirt which is not really able to be seen. Anyways, so I took this picture and then I saw Benjamin and so I took this picture.

Silver shirt, silver tie...MATCHING!!!! 

I love Amber's has giant crystals, and rhinestones, and giant crystals.

This necklace is from CaughtRedHanded's Etsy Store. Autumn Pebble Necklace. So Pretty.

I have always disliked Uggs. But if I was to have a pair of Uggs it would be these. The Jimmy Choos special edition Uggs that you can buy at Nordstroms or

This is a wedding dress at Bridal Exclusives in the Clackamas Promenade that I illegally took a picture of. It's cocktail length, and beautiful and somebody needs to wear it for their wedding, or at a Disney Princess reenactment.

Love, ABBS

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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Sunday 10/31/10

It was Halloween All Saints Day last Sunday. So that means...BONUS COSTUMES PICS! First let us observe the happenings at the worship service however.

EJ likes the accessories. This is good. Also, he successfully tied a bow tie, congratulations. I'm partial to paisley myself, more people should wear paisley. My mother made me a pink paisley jumper when I was 13 that was the highlight of my life at the time. 

Check out the collar on Sara Cone's dress. Sara has been looking really good lately. When I asked for her secret she told me she had finally started spending money on herself! I approve.

Old man cardigan, check. Purple diagonally striped tie, check. Kanye sunglasses, double check. Little baby Angelo being baptized while Jesse pulled out his phone and filmed it in front of the church, heck yes! 

And now we have All Saints Day. 


Reform Bots 3000

The two Squantos

Congratulations Rebekah on the awesome party All Saints was. And props to Mira for making some fantastic Sushi. And Flynn can juggle, really well, of course he can. 

Love Abbs

Twitter: @RccFashion