Monday, April 22, 2013

The Sublime & the Sordid #3

We have some absolutely delightfully terrible men's fashion today.

On the pleasant side of clothing, pieces from designer's cheaper lines are featured.


How many times have you been renovating your house and you can't find your dang measuring tape to save your life? Well, you're in luck. Introducing the human measuring tape, for all your home improvement needs.


Simply Vera Floral Hi Lo Dress at Kohls This is part of a Vera Wang line, and it is $51.00. The graduating in scale floral print on the perfect peach background, leaves me feeling dreamy.


These are sandals, handmade out of vintage jeans. They are sold on Etsy for only $125.00. What a bargain.


Lane Collection Printed Pencil Skirt Cool, clean and elegant for $78.00.


I'm so glad that I saw these shirts! It will really simplify my Christmas shopping, because I know that every male on my list would love a drag queen sweater.


Derek Lam for DesigNation Striped Sheath Dress at Kohls for $42.00. Stripes that are interesting, hurrah!

Also, Target, Kohls is kicking your butt with their designer lines, you need to step up.


Thursday, April 18, 2013

Wedding Time!

It's that special time of year again. Romance is palpable, like Springtime tree pollen. Every other post on Facebook is about shopping for weddings, engagement photo shoots, or links to Pinterest boards of cakes and flower arrangements.

So yes, this is a blog post about weddings. Specifically about trends in wedding dresses for Spring/Summer 2013. Let's hop to it, shall we?

Trend: Peplum 

Yes, the peplum trend continues, as this dress by Angel Sanchez demonstrates. Well the look is very elegant, you would have to have absolutely no hips and be around 6' tall.

Trend: Illusion Neckline

Elysium Gown by Catherine Deane. I'm very happy about this trend because I think strapless gowns can be very boring. I love the interest the illusion fronts, and backs, provide. 

Trend: Portrait Backs

Anna Maier dress. I assume there are people in the world who love their backs. And boy do I have good news for you folks! Dresses that frame your back are in, mostly as delicate lace cutouts. So all the people who are staring as you walk up the aisle will have something pretty to look at.

Trend: Color

Dress by Vera Wang. Gowns in other colors than white are becoming more popular every year. I always adore what Vera Wang does, I think this dress is so beautiful, and a nice change from white.

Trend: Sleeves

Jenny Packham dress. Sleeves! This dress with the sleeves, and deep v-neck, is much more beautiful then if it was sleeveless. Just a gorgeous femininity.

Trend: Reception Dress

Catherine Deane, Beams of Light Dress. Many people are buying two dresses for their wedding, the formal one for the ceremony, and a second dress for the reception. Usually this second dress is shorter and more casual. I feel torn about this trend. On the one hand, hurrah! Two wedding gowns! On the negative side, you only get one day anyways to wear your wedding dress so why shorten that time at all.

Trend: Lace

Omelia Gown by Catherine Deane. Lace is extraordinarily popular for wedding dresses right now.  This dress is slightly more subtle than all over lace, with an interesting neckline. Because while lace is generally romantic, it doesn't have to be old fashioned.

Trend: Old Hollywood Glamour

Aiguille Gown by Anna Sui. Hollywood Glamour is the perfect trend for evening weddings. This dress has beautiful Art Deco silver beading and button details.


Tuesday, April 16, 2013

The Sublime & The Sordid #2

First of all, pray for Boston. May Jesus give the families who lost loved ones, especially the family of the little boy, comfort.

Now on to some fashion.


So I suppose that's one way to ensure your virginity stay intact.


Navy pleated dress from with an adorable Peter Pan collar for only $33.55. I can imagine lunching on water while wearing this dress, drinking a strawberry vodka lemonade.


This is the "Train of Thought" top from Modcloth. I think this top would make anyone lose their train of thought because of it's sheer ugliness (pun intended). Also, thank you for censoring your own breasts for us all, that was necessary.


Gray sweater from HM for $39.95. the weather is almost too warm, but knowing our Oregon weather, you would probably be able to wear this stylish shirt until July. 


So this was a garment somebody thought was needed in this world... not really clear on why... I suppose if you were... nope... can't really picture why...


This is the Glinda Palette by Urban Decay for $49.00. Perfect Spring colors, and besides I just want to look like Glinda, she's pretty.


Thursday, April 11, 2013

The Great Shopping Fast

I've never been one to make New Year's Resolutions. Instead I like to make resolutions later in the year. I think I'm hoping to trick myself into following through with them since everyone know the promises made January 1st, usually fail.

This time one of my resolutions was to not do any shopping for six months. This ban includes clothing, shoes, accessories, makeup, and I also added home-goods (because I have a problem buying too many lamps).

I have read of a few other bloggers doing this, most recently at FEST, and it struck a chord with me.

April 7th, 2013 was when this resolution went into effect. It's been a few days, but I have managed to pull through... that was sarcasm.

I decided the 7th would be an appropriate time to start this challenge because the end would be right before my birthday in October.

So what do I hope to accomplish by keeping this resolution?

1. I put more money each month into my savings account.

2. I break the cycle of buying to make myself feel better. 
I have pairs of shoes that stand for that time I got a speeding ticket, a necklace for that particularly bad day at work, and a cute pleated skirt to make up for the fact that once again I had nobody to kiss at midnight on New Years. (Wow I just realized how depressing all this sounds... sorry about that)

3. That I wear what I have.
I own a lot of really fantastic clothing that I should be utilizing more. If at the end of six months I'm not wearing it, time to get rid of  it.


Monday, April 8, 2013

The Sublime & the Sordid #1

New weekly feature where I present "clothing" that is simply atrocious in the world of fashion to you... but then also some things that are great! You will be able to laugh, and cry, and possibly purchase a phenomenal garment/accessory for yourself, because you will obviously want whatever I present to you as being fantastic.


And you thought the cat lady in your neighborhood was already terrifying, just wait until Summer!!!


How perfect for Spring is this Fools Gold Cardi from Down East Basics? The best part is the price, only $32.99. 


You know, Father's Day is only a short few months away, your dad would probably love these fish flops... don't you dare even think about it! Your father raised you better than that! He deserves better! The whole world deserves better!


Lace Pencil skirt from Piace Boutique, would be a great choice for a Summer wedding. Get it for $39.00!


Peter Pan Collar Blouse from Target for only $19.99, would be comfortable when the air conditioning fails at church in the middle of July!


I know that some of you will want to purchase this for Family Camp this year, but resist temptation! Because if I see you in wearing this monstrosity I will bribe a group of children to bury you in the sand.