Monday, June 28, 2010

Sunday 06/27/10

The weather is becoming rather warm, I confess I have never cared for such heat, I would prefer to be able to wear my patterned tights all year long. Some people however manage to look quite put together and not at all wilted in the summer heat. One of those would be Ana Dau. The picture does not do the color of this dress justice. But Ana's pose does.

So this picture was taken by me at the downtown Macy's on Saturday. It was an outfit that some thoughtful employee had put together to help men all over the world dress well. I couldn't stop laughing...I COULDN'T STOP LAUGHING! I don't know if anyone else finds this as funny as I do but that's ok.

Love, ABBS

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Family Camp 2010

Well I've been lazy and not updating. It seemed pointless to update the Sunday before Camp since everyone dresses down so they can get to Camp AS FAST AS POSSIBLE. It also seemed pointless to update the Sunday after Camp since everyone is suffering from "Camp Hangover" and usually looks bad. Sad but true.

What is not pointless however is posting pictures from Camp. I have shamelessly ripped almost all of these off various Facebook pages. If you recognize a picture as one you took and want credit, congratulate yourself, that should do it.

Jordan's wearing his jeans as a large detachable collar...'nuff said

Sean always manages to sport a midriff at some point during camp.

Matching sweatbands...too precious Michael

Katie had the ultimate Camp accessory, a bright green ukulele.
Congratulations to Susannah for looking AMAZING at Camp.

Gotta love the black socks with the shorts, work it Josiah.
Blue and maroon, very cool color combo Nick and love the pout that goes with that scarf!

And since I began with a Jordan I must end with one. There is no string of words that could describe the sweetness of this picture, I feel blessed just gazing upon Jim Jordan's face.


Sunday, June 6, 2010

Sunday 06/06/10

Sara Dahlin is so consistently stylish that I probably could have her on the blog every week. But that obviously would not be fair to everyone else but since life isn't fair maybe that shouldn't matter. However since this blog is my own constructed world where real life doesn't apply then I can do what I please and you all can pipe down. Because unless any of you are wearing a little plaid vest that cute you have nothing to say.

So I think this picture asks a lot of questions. Is there such a thing as wearable art? Is this supposed to be worn in an ironic fashion or are the police really just that loved? Will this become a trend that young men at church adopt wholeheartedly? Or, will this young man be persecuted for taking multiple bumper stickers and turning them into a tie? I can only hope that someone with a clear outlook and vision on life can guide me in the right direction on where to go with this.


Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Sunday 05/30/10

So Sunday was the last day Sunday in May, which means that I fully except every Sunday from now on to have beautiful weather and not rain at all...hah!

Pam Forster has been looking extra special amazing for about the past three months. I kept being impressed and then finally took courage in both hands and cornered her in the kitchen for a photo. Such beautiful color, love the necklace and when someones comfortable in their clothing it really does show and elevates the outfit.

So even though I know that Anna Tooze was shamelessly gunning to be in the blog I didn't let my contrary streak overrule her great look and I put her in. Just a really smart young casual look keeping it current with the ruched long sweater and black gladiators.

And now a brief word on iceskating. I went to Smuckers Stars On Ice recently. It was AWESOME! but that's not my point. I think the thing I cherish the most about skating is that the approach to costume design appears to be the following: Take spandex, throw sparkly stuff at it. Repeat step two until satisfied. One of the group skates had the girls in gold glitter dresses, and the guys in white jeans and white spandex tops of which the top half was bedazzled in gold and silver rhinestones. Then there was the skate where the guys wore eyepatches. I love that Todd Eldridge is pushing forty and still rocking leather embellished pants and a checkered shirt that is so tight he must need a team of people to get him into it.