Sunday, May 23, 2010

Sunday 05/23/10

Things I learned at church today: The apostles had oars, a boat, and really big muscles. It's sometimes harder to open the door to the Exchange than you would think. And this is the only Sunday in what is likely months that I haven't eaten that taco salad.

Ammy and Liz are literally glowing in this picture, due the fact that I apparently can't work my camera. I just adore this duo of pink satin and tiny gray ruffles. Ruffles which BTW are incredibly of the moment. You can expect to see a lot of skirts especially with the mini tiers. I myself have one in black, which I like to wear with my leather leggings.

The next picture is a classic Jon Hangartner pose. But really who wouldn't pose like that if they were arrayed in such finery? No words really needed here except...VEST!

And now...I give you...the Tie of the Week! But whose tie is it? Any guesses who would be sporting such a dazzling turquoise creation?

Love and Kisses, ABBS

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Sunday 05/16/10

The picture of what is possibly the most adorable girl ever is below. I present Christie Barnard wearing a checkered pink and white satiny dress with matching headband. This is the dress I dreamed of while I suffered in jumpers....except for that pink paisley one...that one rocked. Thanks Mom!

Yes that is all I have, one picture is it. So below I present some thoughts on shoes. Enjoy.

I’ve been thinking about shoes lately. I know that comes as a shock (not) to most of you. The weather is almost starting to be nice on a fairly consistent basis and this means my shoe wardrobe has to be reassessed. It also means I have to buff and polish my feet on a more regular basis but that’s a different topic. I’m sad I’ll have to stop wearing my boots because they make me feel powerful when I stride around in them. Sometimes I think I scare the good people at Fred Meyers when I walk around like I’m going cut some fool while I buy my black nailpolish. I also have to put away the velvet shoes until fall, I’ll especially miss the teal velvet pumps. But this is when I remember that wedges and sandals exist and everything is gravy again.

This brown pair is by Joe's Jeans, you can find it at Nordstroms. I wish I would find it on my feet.

Elizabeth & James, also at Nordstroms: You get red, you get crochet, and it has the "cuff" which is HUGE this spring/summer.

N.Y.L.A. Halie Wedge Sandal, DSW Shoes. Classic wedge shape, some edge with the studs.

And finally I give you Fendi. The sandal is Tulle and Lucite, and is costs over $1000.00. It's so pretty................sorry I was drooling.

Love, ABBS

Monday, May 10, 2010

Sunday 05/09/10

It was Mother's Day on Sunday. Mother's went first in the agape line, somebody brought awesome BLT sliders for the agape, and the weather held out long enough softball to be played.

So Plaid was all the rage as you can see. Be it prep, or urban chic as soon as Spring starts to rear its head guys seem to bust out that particular pattern. Here we have Joe, and we have Asa. I like Joe's pose. I also like their man bags. And I like plaid in the orangeish brownish color range, it keeps it from being all overly lumberjack and Paul Bunyanish.

Little Peter Dahlin. Two kinds of plaid, black tie, khakis. Plaid is great but taking plaid and layering with another plaid makes into something bigger than Peter, bigger than us all. FASHION!

And last but not least I give you Minden Tooze. Minden was wearing blue and the color popped out. In fact I had multiple people say "She looks really good in blue," which was true, because she did. She also had the prettiest blue and sliver flower earrings on. Hurray!


Monday, May 3, 2010

Sunday 05/02/10

Sunday was sunny and then not and then sunny again and then not. Young men and old smoked their pipes on the street corner. The children played Bible baseball on the grass. If life that day had been a painting it would have been a Bob Ross complete with "happy trees". Although I guess for it to really be a Bob Ross painting we would have to not be in the painting and not on the face of the earth anymore.

Obviously Charity is on the blog because of her "jazz hands". Or her amazing printed skirt. Or her blue peacoat. Take your pick.

Colin has a sweater, and it's pretty. And striped and blue and springtime and flowers and cupcakes. Mad props to Colin for wearing spring knitwear.

Speaking of knitwear Elisa has a lovely blue knit dress on. White accents with the necklace and flower although due to my awful photography I don't think you can see the flower. It's sweet and age appropriate and I love it.