Monday, May 3, 2010

Sunday 05/02/10

Sunday was sunny and then not and then sunny again and then not. Young men and old smoked their pipes on the street corner. The children played Bible baseball on the grass. If life that day had been a painting it would have been a Bob Ross complete with "happy trees". Although I guess for it to really be a Bob Ross painting we would have to not be in the painting and not on the face of the earth anymore.

Obviously Charity is on the blog because of her "jazz hands". Or her amazing printed skirt. Or her blue peacoat. Take your pick.

Colin has a sweater, and it's pretty. And striped and blue and springtime and flowers and cupcakes. Mad props to Colin for wearing spring knitwear.

Speaking of knitwear Elisa has a lovely blue knit dress on. White accents with the necklace and flower although due to my awful photography I don't think you can see the flower. It's sweet and age appropriate and I love it.


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