Monday, May 10, 2010

Sunday 05/09/10

It was Mother's Day on Sunday. Mother's went first in the agape line, somebody brought awesome BLT sliders for the agape, and the weather held out long enough softball to be played.

So Plaid was all the rage as you can see. Be it prep, or urban chic as soon as Spring starts to rear its head guys seem to bust out that particular pattern. Here we have Joe, and we have Asa. I like Joe's pose. I also like their man bags. And I like plaid in the orangeish brownish color range, it keeps it from being all overly lumberjack and Paul Bunyanish.

Little Peter Dahlin. Two kinds of plaid, black tie, khakis. Plaid is great but taking plaid and layering with another plaid makes into something bigger than Peter, bigger than us all. FASHION!

And last but not least I give you Minden Tooze. Minden was wearing blue and the color popped out. In fact I had multiple people say "She looks really good in blue," which was true, because she did. She also had the prettiest blue and sliver flower earrings on. Hurray!


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