Monday, February 21, 2011

Sunday 2/20/11

So this blog has been absent for quite some time now. My only excuse, please excuse the bluntness, is that all y'all have been boring me with your wardrobe choices. Now I know what some of you are thinking/indignantly voicing aloud upon reading this. "I had a perfectly lovely blouse/scarf/jacket/earrings/pair of shoes/diaper bag that I was showcasing wonderfully the other Sunday and you completely ignored me!" That's probably true. Feel free to accost me on Sundays and demand to have your picture taken, it will be fun for everyone! I did take a few pictures (see below).

Cardigan seen on P. Forster
I've been thinking a lot about texture and pattern recently. Like the pattern on the above cardigan. A beautiful black and white watercolor. Or the texture of the blue knit skirt below.

Skirt seen on H. Wolff

The texture of the appliqu├ęd orange flowers on the sherbet sweater below. In fact I would love if the person who was wearing the blue skirt and the person who was wearing the orange cardigan made those two pieces into one outfit and let someone wear it.
Cardigan seen on E. Lortz

And now for: things I like.


Shoes in the color "nude" are very big for Spring. As you can see in the above pictures they come in many many styles. Go out and find some today.
Ports 1961
I love the sculptural quality to this blue dress, it looks so effortless.

This dress is double layered. I love how the blush shear softens the hard horizontal stripe and gives it a more feminine feeling.
Finally, this is one of my favorite things I have seen in a while. A leather PVC orange and black Hounds-tooth  jacket and or dress. I'm in love.