Sunday, May 23, 2010

Sunday 05/23/10

Things I learned at church today: The apostles had oars, a boat, and really big muscles. It's sometimes harder to open the door to the Exchange than you would think. And this is the only Sunday in what is likely months that I haven't eaten that taco salad.

Ammy and Liz are literally glowing in this picture, due the fact that I apparently can't work my camera. I just adore this duo of pink satin and tiny gray ruffles. Ruffles which BTW are incredibly of the moment. You can expect to see a lot of skirts especially with the mini tiers. I myself have one in black, which I like to wear with my leather leggings.

The next picture is a classic Jon Hangartner pose. But really who wouldn't pose like that if they were arrayed in such finery? No words really needed here except...VEST!

And now...I give you...the Tie of the Week! But whose tie is it? Any guesses who would be sporting such a dazzling turquoise creation?

Love and Kisses, ABBS


  1. Andrew Payne. We talked about that tie...

  2. Yeah, and you called it "obscenely thin"

  3. His shirt is really wrinkled.

  4. :( I was hoping the tie would cover that up. lol

  5. Why would you try to cove up wrinkles like that with an "obscenely thin" tie? :-)