Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Sunday 05/30/10

So Sunday was the last day Sunday in May, which means that I fully except every Sunday from now on to have beautiful weather and not rain at all...hah!

Pam Forster has been looking extra special amazing for about the past three months. I kept being impressed and then finally took courage in both hands and cornered her in the kitchen for a photo. Such beautiful color, love the necklace and when someones comfortable in their clothing it really does show and elevates the outfit.

So even though I know that Anna Tooze was shamelessly gunning to be in the blog I didn't let my contrary streak overrule her great look and I put her in. Just a really smart young casual look keeping it current with the ruched long sweater and black gladiators.

And now a brief word on iceskating. I went to Smuckers Stars On Ice recently. It was AWESOME! but that's not my point. I think the thing I cherish the most about skating is that the approach to costume design appears to be the following: Take spandex, throw sparkly stuff at it. Repeat step two until satisfied. One of the group skates had the girls in gold glitter dresses, and the guys in white jeans and white spandex tops of which the top half was bedazzled in gold and silver rhinestones. Then there was the skate where the guys wore eyepatches. I love that Todd Eldridge is pushing forty and still rocking leather embellished pants and a checkered shirt that is so tight he must need a team of people to get him into it.


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  1. No way, I feel the EXACT SAME WAY about Todd Eldridge! Crazy!