Sunday, June 6, 2010

Sunday 06/06/10

Sara Dahlin is so consistently stylish that I probably could have her on the blog every week. But that obviously would not be fair to everyone else but since life isn't fair maybe that shouldn't matter. However since this blog is my own constructed world where real life doesn't apply then I can do what I please and you all can pipe down. Because unless any of you are wearing a little plaid vest that cute you have nothing to say.

So I think this picture asks a lot of questions. Is there such a thing as wearable art? Is this supposed to be worn in an ironic fashion or are the police really just that loved? Will this become a trend that young men at church adopt wholeheartedly? Or, will this young man be persecuted for taking multiple bumper stickers and turning them into a tie? I can only hope that someone with a clear outlook and vision on life can guide me in the right direction on where to go with this.



  1. well not that I know much about fashion, but I thought it was cool. lol

  2. Caleb Roach, always the leading bulwark of interesting fashion in our church.