Monday, April 26, 2010

Sunday 04/26/10

Sunday was sunny which made everyone (well I hope so) happy. What made ME happy was the below pictures.

I love shades of taupe. I love Sean in shades of taupe. What I love the most though is this vest. I love vests (on men) like I love Christian Bale (which is kind of a big deal if you know me AT ALL). This vest straddles the formal/casual line nicely. Good enough for your dress shirts yet equally cool with a t-shirt.

Paul and Liz ARE BACK!!!! And love obviously agrees with Paul. I managed to snap this picture for the 2 seconds Paul wasn't being embraced by someone. The jeans with the blazer with the scarf with the untucked dress shirt (gasp) and don't even get me started on the facial hair. Stylish and age appropriate...bravo Paul bravo.

I feel like this photo of Margo needs no explanation. This is the dress I wish they made for adults and yet I doubt I could pull it off as well as she does. PINK GLITTERY BUTTERFLIES!

Kathy Hayes...white pants, and a satiny floral print top with a twisted halter neck. And I'm loving the bouffant ponytail. I think when your clothes make you happy, and Kathy looks pretty happy, that is when you know you have succeeded with your outfit.

I appreciate simplicity. I really do, although you may not be able to tell that when you see me. Which is why I appreciate Hadley. The simplicity of the black dress with the ruched waist. The patent red Mary Janes. The small pendant necklace. Classy.

Now a note about my own fashion sense. I purchased a pair of leather leggings recently and I can't stop wearing them. I'm wearing them as I type, I have worn them to parties, the movies, the art museum, church. They are so comfortable. I have decided to wear them with floral prints, a kind of glam prairie. Yes your reaction probably should be WTH. Picture Laura Ingalls Wilder with black eye shadow....hee hee.

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  1. I'm currently picturing what the world would be like had David Bowie, circa 73', favored head to gam prairie glam.