Saturday, April 17, 2010

Moscow Trip 04/17/10

So every time I come back to a college town the bad fashion, usually either athletic or lack of clothing, hits me in the face repeatedly until I pass out in the street. I know however that when I was living in Moscow I wasn't that amazingly dressed either but I at least tried. I routinely horrified some of my roommates by going about town wearing torn up nylons, a "vintage" (hah!) Bush (the band) T-shirt (thanks Asher!), and my denim skirt. I freely admit that I probably looked terrible but I was LEARNING, and that's ok. If you don't agree with that go back a few posts and read my Tim Gunn quote. If after that you still don't agree stop reading and get on someone else's blog! :P

Back to Moscow though, one of my goals for this trip was to visit The Storm Cellar...if you don't know about The Storm Cellar, facebook them, google them, just do what needs to be done. The store sells vintage and name brand secondhand clothing. Everything is in great condition and I myself purchased a beautiful vintage brooch there today which is currently making up part of my necklace. See (bad) picture below.

That's all for now darlings, see you when I get back. ABBS

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