Sunday, April 4, 2010

Sunday 04/04/10...EASTER! was Easter Sunday today. HE IS RISEN! HE IS RISEN INDEED! Ok well a lot of people "stepped up their game". I was impressed,I was awed, I was amazed, I was blinded by the examples of beauty below.

Jordan Prentice. Gray wool pants with a subtle pattern (check!) Beautiful Ben Sherman sweater (check!) And a loverly color palette of gray and lavender (check!) So Spring, So Easter, So perfect.

So at first I wasn't that impressed with Josiah's outfit. I mean the seafoam shirt was delightful but he was just a guy in a black suit. But then he took off the jacket and BAM! Those skinny suspenders hit me in the face...nice

First of all Ana and Matt work this photo like no one else could. (Not to mention Margo with the bottle) Second Matt is CLASSIC, in his gray three piece suit. Ana has my favorite color combo of the day, bright orange with gray and dark red shoes.

So my sister Angela is adorable. The color is fantastic and the dress has ruffle detailing at the collar and a cute ribbon sash.

Check SpellingSo Rebekah Conser and I are matchy matchy. Light pink floaty tops with rose detail at the neckline. Springy and feminine.

EJ caused the largest disturbance this Easter...I won't say EXACTLY why but it was something he was wearing that caused one individual to run into the kitchen to tell me I HAD to see him.

Great group was freezing and I made them all take off their jackets and pose! from left to right: Kerilynn, Elisa, Lindsey, Susannah, Bethany, Hadley, Rebekah, and Shayleen.

The above picture is to showcase Scott's new car. Isn't she a beauty? :-P

We close this Sunday's review with Liz. Beautiful Liz who is getting married on Saturday! She is wearing a great halter polka dot dress and a lovely red scarf. Look how happy she is!



  1. Whee!! Couldn't wait to see the pics! :-)

  2. Um, maybe you didn't see Kathy Kitzmiller who was absolutely ROCKING a pair of sweet blue blocker shades. That needs to be part of this discussion.