Sunday, November 28, 2010

Sunday 11/28/10

So I was taking this picture of Rebekah, who looked super duper incredibly cute.

The silver, the polka dots, the belt, the cute flippy black skirt which is not really able to be seen. Anyways, so I took this picture and then I saw Benjamin and so I took this picture.

Silver shirt, silver tie...MATCHING!!!! 

I love Amber's has giant crystals, and rhinestones, and giant crystals.

This necklace is from CaughtRedHanded's Etsy Store. Autumn Pebble Necklace. So Pretty.

I have always disliked Uggs. But if I was to have a pair of Uggs it would be these. The Jimmy Choos special edition Uggs that you can buy at Nordstroms or

This is a wedding dress at Bridal Exclusives in the Clackamas Promenade that I illegally took a picture of. It's cocktail length, and beautiful and somebody needs to wear it for their wedding, or at a Disney Princess reenactment.

Love, ABBS

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  1. Hey Abbs,

    Check out my favorite Seattle dress maker. I love her stuff!

  2. Aw...I like the picture of Benjamin and Rebekah. :-)

  3. Hey Liesl, thanks for the link. I love her designs, is this where you got your wedding dress?