Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Sunday 08/29/10

So I missed my chance on Sunday. Susannah Forster was wearing the most gorgeous peacock skirt (Which I heard she got at Goodwill!) And I was going to take a picture of it and put it on this blog and you were all going to marvel at its beauty. So what actually happened it that I thought, "I can wait to get a picture of this after agape." Well guess what? BY THEN IT WAS TOO LATE. So next time Susannah Forster, next time you wear that yellow peacock skirt with that purple shirt, I will be waiting. Yes, that is as creepy as it sounds.

But on to something "important". I was perusing the September issue of Vogue this very evening, taking in the models, reading the stories on shopping for clothes via your iPhone, wondering if there were going to any David Beckham Armani ads...

Needless to say I was in a contemplative mood about fall and fall trends. That led me to thoughts of "jeggings". I shudder as I write this word. In case you haven't put two and two together yet, jeggings comes from jeans and leggings. Put them together and you have jeggings, a series of letters so horrifically assembled that it hurts my vocal cords to utter them. To be blunt I don't want to see people wearing these leggings ever. I don't want to see them wearing jeggings as pants, pretending they're not a legging because they are made of jean material. False. I also don't want to see jeggings worn under skirts or dresses because this isn't the 90's and it just looks stupid. Save yourself, save others, prevent the spread of this awful disease. 

Love, ABBS


  1. I agree!!! Besides, jeggings is a horrid word.

  2. I need to find me some maternity jeggings.... :-)

  3. I read a really funny blog post about jeggings. I'll have to find it.

  4. I hate Jeggings! People down here seem to love them its so so gross

  5. I'm going to get some acid washed jeggings (the best kind)and wear them whenever I see you. and BTW, did you see that NBC news segment (was it from a good morning america episode???) that cousin Matthew posted to facebook a while back? about how skinny jeans are cutting off womens circulation producing vericose veins and they should opt for JEGGINGS as a "safe" alternative? no joke!