Friday, March 26, 2010


Ahh yes the Easter Dress. When I was little I even got a white straw hat adorned with daisies. Now days it is the Sunday I want to have a new outfit on.

So what to wear for Easter? Well last year I bought separates so I could wear them for the rest of the year, including one of my best purchases EVER, a denim pencil skirt. I have worn that skirt repeatedly! Worth every penny and was very reasonably priced, around $40.00 for what Tim Gunn would call an "investment piece." (BTW if you don't know who Tim Gunn is please google him instantly)

I also always buy a new pair of shoes for Easter, but this could just be me since I have "a problem" when it comes to buying shoes. In fact I just purchased my Easter shoes today (thank you tax refund). I won't give them away completely, but they do have a yellow gladiator thing going on.

I was just at the mall today and there were a lot of great sales. Romy had a beautiful silky green wrap dress that would be great for Easter and most items in the store were at least 25% off. Macy's had some shoe clearance for 75% off, and for the guys Nordstroms Rack had a new shipment of Ben Sherman (one of my favorite mens brands).

Above is a picture of this RACHEL Rachel Roy Ring that I am in love with...too bad it is completely sold out. ABBS


  1. You should write a post on how guys can dress for Easter without looking like they bought their shirt and tie at JC Penney. JC Penney for those who don't know carries shirts and ties that are very Easterish in their color schemes, except they are 90% of the time slightly off in the colors so they look pretty bad.

  2. haha Abbs, I just recently made Charity try on that green wrap dress, while we were shopping for her graduation dress! loved it except it did this wierd gaping the on the neckline, because of an odly placed seam, but other than that, cute dress! Plus me and Hannah had to prove Charity wrong. She proclaimed that she didn't look good in a wrap dress, which is dumb because almost EVERYONE looks good in a wrap dress!

    Becca S.