Sunday, March 28, 2010

RCC Sunday 03/28/10

RCC Sunday 03/28/10. The mood was optimistic, looking forward to Spring

A few things to point out:

1.Scott Cone's tie is the best one he has worn, he is also "petrified" I am going to post something bad about him on here lol.

2. Sara Dahlin is working the winter to spring look by using a shrunken leather jacket as a transition piece.

3. Anna Tooze kept it fun with a bright fuchsia that really popped.

4. Rachel Unger opted for a jean jacket that added a nice contrast to her dress and also had a shot of color with bright lipstick.

5. Sara Cone kept the cardigan trend going with a beautiful pink one and wanted to let me know she had received THREE compliments on her outfit lol.

6. Brad Hangartner wore a great textured brown tie from Ireland that he had received as a gift.

7. Rebekah Conser rocked the super in asymmetrical striped top with a wide belt and a black rose hair piece.

8. And finally Joe Castig who accessorized his purple knitwear with this season's must have...crutches.

Until next time...ABBS