Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Spring 2013... come quickly

Pastels, I want pastels! I am yearning for Spring clothing and a cloudless blue sky filled Friday, such as today, only makes me crave white lace cardigans and polka dot jeans all the more.

So this is the list of the Spring trends/products I am jonesing for.

Ugg Heirloom Boot

I really like the concept of a Spring boot. A softer boot than the fall/winter one you wear to stride through inclement weather. A boot that pairs with drapey skirts and short trench-coats. This one is cotton and suede with grosgrain ribbons that lace up the back. It comes in Spring colors like Blush. 

Peter Pan Collar Necklace

Watching the Grammy's last week I saw a woman on the red carpet wearing a Peter Pan Collar necklace and I instantly fell in love. They come in all materials: leather, lace, rhinestones, and this pearl one from Forever21. Pair with a a knee-length color-blocked sheath dress or a sea-foam skinny jeans.

Maxi Skirt

          Lucy Love Canyon Maxi Skirt                                  

                                Mossimo Pleated Chiffon Maxi Skirt

My favorite recent trend has to be maxi skirts, which just feel effortless when you put one on. Also, hey homeschoolers! Long skirts are cool again! However to make sure you aren't mistaken for someone's third wife, pair your maxi with a shrunken leather jacket and bib necklace.


 Ted Baker London Crepe Top                               

Neon is one of the trends I know many people are not excited about. Well pass all your neon on over to me because if done right, neon can be sophisticated. Just take a look at that pink neon and lace dress up above which is perfection.

Printed Jeans

Like the neon, I know that printed jeans are a bad 80's flashback for a number of people. But you guys... THESE JEANS!! Stare at the picture and absorb their beauty. Nordstroms, you never fail me.


Gigi Lace Dress by Kiyonna                                  


And finally we have lace. From cocktail dresses, to bold mini skirts, to casual sweatshirts, lace is everywhere this Spring! I would wear that yellow lace dress with boots in an Aztec print and you could pair the fluorescent skirt with leopard print leggings.

Well those are MY Spring trends. Think you have Spring Fashion on lock? Talk back to me!


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